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Karamba CPL/CPA

 Spanish Version (All Languages Supported)

With Karamba you can play more than 70 games without downloading any software. You only have to enter your name, password, email and age (no under 18). Then you can start playing for real money with your free 5€. I recommend start playing in demo mode. Then start playing these 5€ and earn real money! My favorite game is “Montecarlo” (the one you see in the image). Earning is so easy. Bet the lowest bid allowed. Every 4-5 bets you win, so increase the bet after that! (if you haven't won yet). In about one hour you can double your earnings. I love it! You know how to play? This is your slot! Trick to Win: when you see 2 cherrys lined up in the first line, top on the left, you are ready to win... increase your bet! After getting 3 grapes, it always shows cherry (X2) in the next roll. After winning, bet the lowest bid again during 4-5 times. YOU WILL DOUBLE YOUR FREE EARNINGS!!!!  TRY IT! IT'S FREE!!!

This game is available in all main world languages; here you can see the Spanish Version:


Karamba CPL/CPA


Wanna get more fun? Then you can keep on playing for free in this page (it's the same play, the same rules and the same signup easy process and the same people of the page above): NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED, 5€ FOR FREE, PLAY FREE AND EARN REAL MONEY, NO PRIVATE DATA NOR CREDIT CARD REQUIRED (REGISTER FOR FREE IN 2 SINGLE STEPS)
Available Worldwide (Spanish Version)



Alea Iacta Est!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First Test To Start To Work From Home and Make Money Online

Then, you have decided to work from home and make money online. First step: register for free in oDesk and Elance. Second step: pass the admission test so that you can work from home and make money online through these websites for freelancers. Both tests are easy (Elance's test the easiest).

You will have to pass with about 75% 100% of the questiond. In oDesk you have to pass all. So, I attached the video with the questions answered. In oDesk you don't need to make the test. But it's very important to market your profile among potential contractors. They will want to work with people who know how oDesk  works. So take these exams: they are easy and are also the first step to work from home and make money online.

In every question you will find a link which takes you to the right answer. You can repeat the tests again and again till you pass them. Remember these are only the first test that you will have to pass in  oDesk and Elance. Later you must take the tests about your preferred job category. Are you a programmer, a translator, designer, marketer, etc.? Then choose the right test for you. You don't need to pass them, but chances of being hired drop down. Contractors look for someone who rely on. Then, if you really want to work from home and make money online as your new life style, take these exams!

IMPORTANT: THIRD STEP. It's not only signing up in oDesk and Elance what you need to work from home and earn money through internet. You also MUST CREATE A PROFESSIONAL PROFILE describing your skills, experience, samples of your work... This is the key to succeess in  oDesk and Elance.

This is the admission test for oDesk. It's not recommended start applying for online jobs, before you complete this easy steps. Once you pass these test, you will be able to apply for more online jobs. Both in oDesk and Elance you have a limited number of credits to apply for jobs online (about 20 credits per month). If you sign up for a payment membership you will have more credits and so, you will be able to apply for more jobs (in the best websites for freelancers you can only apply for a limited number of jobs per month, but you can also purchase credits).

First Test To Pass in oDesk:

oDesk  Admission Test:

oDesk Test For Independent Contractors:

REMEMBER: About 100,000 online job offers are posted in oDesk and Elance each month. If you want to win some of these offers begin with a good provider's profile.

If you are a Contractor or Client (so named respectively in oDesk and Elance) you also will have to present a good profile! Nobody relies on Nobody without references when dealing online.

And, of course, positive mind!

Sincerely Yours, Pablo C. Garcia - ALPHA OMEGA Linguistic Services (Web Content, SEO, Translation)

How To Make Money Online, But Working!

Thousands of people search "Make Money Online" in Google and are often cheated by lyers who offer them a "great business opportunity". Bored to be cheated? It's really possible to make money online through a work from home, but you will have to work. I will speak about other sources for earning money fastest that also allow you to work from home (but less money if you don't work hard). Who says another thing is lying and, probably, trying to cheat you!

Now we are going to speak about how to Make Money Online on a daily basis through websites for freelancers which allow you to work from home. Let's begin with oDesk and Elance, the best websites to Make Money Online, but working! Forget you can find a better business opportunity. This is the best place to work/hire online on a cost-effective basis.

I started working through oDesk and Elance 10 months ago and I earned more than $15,000 so far. I gave up my job as language teacher and went into this business venture. I never belived one could make money online in so a great quantity. After searching in google hundreds of websites which promised too much, but offered nothing, finally I was recommended both these websites. To make money online was possible!

All you need to do to make money online is signing up in oDesk and Elance and creating a professional profile with a catchy resume (it's free!). To whom I recommend these websites for freelancers? Here is a list of the jobs most demanded (as you will see all these jobs have something to do with websites development):

1) WEB PROGRAMMING ONLINE JOBS: about 10.000 job offer opened to receive proposals. This is the queen of job categories. If you are a skilled programmer you could be earning about $5,000 dollars a month. This depends on your skills and fastness to complete a job. To be a web programmer is the best way to make money online.

2) WEB DESIGN/ GRAPHIC DESIGN: about 8000 jobs posted up-to-day between  oDesk and Elance. Contractors or Clients are always looking for professional programmers and designers who can provide them with a website for their business. Silver place to make money online.

3) WRITING & TRANSLATION ONLINE JOBS: About 6000 jobs posted right now. As you can understand, this implies writing and/or translating articles (mostly) for the websites referred above. The same clients or contractors not only need to get done a website, but also its content. So, you can make money online on a daily basis writing articles from home. This is my place. I thought I would be translating, but soon realized that I would be earning much more money writing articles online about every kind of topic. I earned $8,000 dollars out of  $15,000 only writing articles about health, diets, real state, education, training, security, travelling, etc. Here is a video a saved when I first earned $3,950 for a single translation project:

4) DATA ENTRY: About 3000 jobs posted with hiring open. You only need to have average skills using excel and surfing internet to fill the worksheet with interesting data for website marketing purposes. I earned $1.550 USD by submitting a worksheet with about 9.000 entries. It's an easy online job, but you have to work! Here is my video applyng for a $1,550 dollars data entry job:

5) MOBILE APPS: There are a lot of job offers in  oDesk and Elance for people who can develop mobile applications. As a translator my job is translate these apps into spanish and so I know there is a huge demand for mobile apps developers. There must be about 2000 jobs posted today.

6) SALES & MARKETING: you will be working again for websites which are developing their marketing strategies. Skills included here are: Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti, LinkedIn, MySpace. SMO, SMM (Social Media Marketing & Social Media Optimization). Of course, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing, with Adwords). You can find about 1500 job offers to apply and make money online.

These are the main jobs categories to work from home. So, If you can provide clients with these skill you can earn a living and work from home on a daily basis. There is such a number of jobs, that you finally will need to hire people o contact with partners to help you in your business.

IMPORTANT: To work from home is easy but, if you want make money online, you will have to create a great professional resume and offer your services (when newbie) for a low budget. First step is gaining good references or feedbacks. Later you can progressively increase your bids.

Oh, I forgot. I want you to be sure that who writes it's a person who really makes money online and work from home. You can view my profile here:

Sincerely Yours - ALPHA OMEGA Linguistic Services - Spanish Web Content Writer and Translator.

Monday, March 14, 2011

How To Start Working Online And Earning $4000+

How to work from home? See more help and advice to make proposal to work from home and make money online.

First take a look at this video where I am awarded a $3950 job in Elance:

In other videos and articles we have shown how to work from home. First, we point to a page of freelance work (click on How to work online? To sign up and access the latest online job offers ).

Why we win bids for work from home? Because, as in the street, we will submit our bid, or curriculum, resumen, to offer a freelance work (or work from home ). Remember to make a good profile, attractive to the eye and wich transmits professionalism.

If you are a programmer, web designer, graphic designer, writer, translator, ghostwriter, know how to use Excel, Facebook or Twitter, you must know that each month are publish more than half a million offers to work from home . What we must do to win these bids to work at home ? Make a good online job proposal.

As you complete more online jobs from home , you will receive feedbacks for your services and a review from your client (contractor). These are the references of freelance work you need to have more chances of winning a bid for working at home . But what if we start from scratch?

Well, logically, we must make a work from home as it would hold a scholarship. All work and little money. Do not think about money at first! Think you provide references to gain prestige for work from home and later win the best deals.

In the videos I put bellow, you can see I know what I mean. This past week I won two major deals to work at home. Two online jobs for $ 1450 and $ 3950. This is $ 5400 which, together with $ 200 of working from home that I have pending, add $5600 in two months. How do I get to win these bids for work from home ?

First, I started asking low budgets. When I started working from home I always offered quality work, professionalism and step by step I increased my prices. Thus, little by little, I made ​​a profile that conveys prestige. How can you win a job offer for $ 4000 freelance work from home , if you do not have references or have only earned $ 100 by working online?

So, to start working from home , we must go slowly, with patience, perseverance and much positive thinking . Think of all the money you earn, you'll be doing the work that you really like. Gradually become more demanding. Little by little, you can always increase your cache in the world of freelance work or work from home via the Internet . Most important:


To me, I still feel bad when contractors choose another professional to work from home . It makes sense! We all have our pride, but we need not despair. Positive mind!

How to ask for an offer to work from home and make money online?

Sometimes the job is public and we can see how others place their bids. Sometimes bids are private and we have to ask what we want to win, by calculating the time that we invest and how much money we will earn per hour. In Freelance work pages to work at home  you can see the highest bid, lowest bid and the average.

From these data we can, for example, ask a lot of money taking into account what we want to win. In other cases, especially if we start, we should bid less than the others. 20% of contracts for working at home are won by rookies! Another option is to bid around half of money demanded by other providers of services that also work from home.

When the customer contact you: Remember to answer his questions as quickly as possible. It is very easy to earn money online and work at home! But you must be on the net as long as possible, that is, WE MUST BE ON THE RIGHT PLACE, AT THE RIGHT TIME. When you realize you will be winning bids for work from home. Later you won't need to look for projects. You will be invited to them!

And the best part is that when you're working on a project, you can ask for more money to do another, and you do not feel the need to work as is.

If you look, these YouTube videos that I post here are recorded in real time. I was working on a translation (you can see the window on the pdf of Mondo Zen), when I received the offer to work from home . So I decided to record it and share it with you,  so that you see you can really work at home and earn a living online.

What was the secret to choose me to work at home online? References, hard work and good quality work for the customer's expectations. No more.

Believe me, when you realize you will have to make several projects working from home and your stress levels soar. Working from home is easy, cost effective, allows you to work freely and a lot of good things. But you have to work! I always say. Take a Free Tuesday if you want. But you'll have to work on Sunday instead. Why is better the internet work at home?

First, you work on what you love. Second: Maybe your town, city or country is in a recession. But the whole world is not in recession. In the pages of freelance work I recommend are dealt millions of dollars or euros, for professional web designers, graphic designers, programming, translation, writing, ghostwriters, Excel, Facebook, Twitter, etc..

Always remember: patience, optimism, enthusiasm and good jobs delivered! The future is here, and you are one of the pioneers to start working at home online.

And if you have any questions, comments or questions, feel free to leave your comment.

Now It's time to visit Today's Online Job Offers. Good luck!

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Freelancers Help

We will be posting here articles about make money online and work from home through internet for those who have signed up for the freelancer's websites recommended: